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There are two main lines carrying liquids in and out of your house. These are your water line bringing in the water used for drinking, cooking, bathing, and washing. And there’s also the sewer line that carries away everything you drain out of your sinks or flush down your toilets. While these vital lines are designed to last for decades, like anything else, they can fail over time, leading to water leaks that can inflict considerable damage to your property.

One of the worst things about water leaks is that they’re often rarely noticed until they’ve inflicted considerable damage. Over time, even a small leak can cause considerable damage, including everything from rotten wood framing, damaged flooring, damaged drywall, and mold, to name just a few. And a further complication is that leaks in ceilings and walls can be extremely difficult to find as the water can travel a long way from the source of the leak.

At Sullivan Super Service our highly trained, licensed plumbers have the experience and the latest equipment needed to locate the leak. Once that’s determined, they can recommend the best ways to correct the problem.

Signs of a water leak

As we said, over time, even a small leak can inflict considerable damage to your property, and here are a few of the signs indicating you may have a water leak problem.

  • Water damaged walls
  • Stains or spots on your ceilings
  • Bubbling or discolored drywall
  • Standing water on your floors
  • Wet carpet or warped flooring
  • Low water pressure
  • Unusually high water bills

The source of the problem can include leaks in your roof, an overflowing HVAC drip tray, leaking water lines and valves, and leaking fixtures or appliances.

Expert water leak repair from Sullivan Super Service

At the first sign of a water leak in your home, you need to contact the leak repair experts at Sullivan Super Service. Our experienced and licensed plumbers will use a variety of techniques such as physical inspection, thermal imaging, moisture meters, and pipe isolation to determine the exact source of your leakage problem.

Once we locate the source of the problem, our water leakage repair services include:

  • Fitting and valve replacement
  • Burst pipe repair or replacement
  • Sewer line cleaning and repair
  • Drain line cleaning and repair
  • Water heater repair and replacement
  • Wall and ceiling leak repair
  • Slab leak repair

Contact Sullivan Super Service in Pittsburgh Today

If you suspect that you have a water leak in your walls, ceiling, slab, or anywhere else, don’t delay and risk suffering serious damage to your property. Our leak detection and repair services are available in the Pittsburgh and Allegheny County area, and we have the experience and the equipment needed to find leaks anywhere in your home.

With over 50 years of service, and the values of a family-owned company, you can count on Sullivan Super Service for expert water leak detection in Pittsburgh, PA and surrounding communities in Allegheny County. And our repair services are second to none. At the first sign of a water leakage problem, contact Sullivan Super Service!

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Depend On Sully!

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Let Our Family Take Care Of Yours

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